PASTO is a contemporary art gallery representing young and promising Argentinian artists. We contribute to their professionalization by encouraging them to produce under new challenges and we try to impulse and build bridges between the artists and worldwide critics, curators and collectors.

We believe in the importance of artists doing daily workshop practice and we defend the ever-growing potential of painting as a way to explore contemporary culture. We first opened in April 2014 and since then we uninterruptedly had multiple solo and group exhibitions within the gallery space and we have participated in local and international art fairs.

PASTO focuses on artists with a solid and sustained workshop practice. We give special attention to artists working with painting, experimental sculpture and the incorporation of crafts such as masonry, ironworks and carpentry in an art context under conceptual premises.

Director: César Abelenda

General Assistant: Tato Conte Mac Donell

Texts: Bárbara Golubicki

Graphic Design: Héctor Barreiro